Weekly Mother and Young Children’s Group

The Mother and Young Children’s Group provides a positive and welcoming space for young mothers (aged 15-30) and their children to meet each week. These weekly gatherings take place within the playground of the ECE. The groups foster strong bonds between young children and their mothers, offer emotional support for mothers through psycho-social activities, and enhance parenting knowledge and skills. Health and nutrition are also improved through community cooking classes and health promotion workshops. The 25 families invited by Tahaddi to join these gatherings were selected because their children were assessed to be at risk, often as a consequence of the extreme economic pressures faced by the family.

In an effort to reduce this financial burden and enhance nutritional intake, families receive monthly food vouchers in the amount of $85. Children in the program are also prioritized for Tahaddi’s well child health checks, which regularly measure each child’s progress ensuring they have the care needed for a healthy start to life.
These weekly meetings are a place of mutual learning, where women share their talents and skills. One woman gave a demonstration for the group on how she resourcefully makes yogurt and soft cheese. Using her monthly food voucher, this mother buys a portion of dried milk. Each day, she makes a small quantity of milk and yogurt for her family. This technique is affordable, ensuring that her family has regular access to dairy products, which are consumed immediately and don’t require refrigeration.

In addition, this program is providing some families with financial support to purchase essential kitchen utensils including refrigerators and gas stoves, which families often lack. Not owning these needed appliances prevents many families from being able to prepare fresh and nutritious food for their children. Tahaddi’s ECD program will ensure that more community members have the knowledge, skills and means to improve their young children’s nutritional intake, which is a vital building block for their long-term development.

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