The "Life Saving" Fund

Tahaddi Health Center (THC) has been working for years to improve community-wide health in the area of Hay El Gharbeh. In addition to its other medical services, including clinical visits, psychosocial support, and health awareness sessions, Tahaddi maintains a Medical Assistance Fund.

The fund has two goals: ensuring follow-through of doctor’s medical recommendations while protecting patients from slipping further into poverty because of family medical expenses.

Tahaddi’s community health center already provides free doctor and nurse visits, as well as low-cost lab exams and medications. However, medical emergencies or chronic diseases that require external procedures, hospitalizations or expensive medications not available at the THC, can be devastating for families already struggling to make ends meet. Specialist visits, medical aids such as glasses or prostheses, or expensive treatments often force families to decide between a family member’s health or further oppressive debt. While the THC team work tirelessly to develop a large network of referral partners to find low cost options, dozens of patients each month still cannot afford the medication or treatment they urgently require.

The fund currently supports between 100-120 families each month and is distributed by THC’s social work team on a case-by-case basis. The fund covers expenses such as emergency room visits, lab exams, medication (long-term for chronic cases such as diabetes and short-term for issues such as infections), operations, and even transportation to external medical appointments.

Recognizing the importance of this fund both, THC aims to sustain and grow this fund. It is an essential part of Tahaddi’s long-term commitment to the community of Hay El Gharbeh and sustainable work on the challenge of poverty. We hope you will join us in supporting this life-saving fund!

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