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The vision of the Tahaddi Education Center is to be a place which promotes social integration and where youth will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and values to overcome poverty and its consequences.

Its mission is to develop the academic and the social skills of this youth in order to empower them to achieve the best of their abilities.They take part in a program adapted to their needs, thanks to a team of qualified educators.

The TEC offers a comprehensive 6-year program to over 200 unschooled children. The youth who attend the program have missed the normal school admission age, often for economic reasons. Some were not able to meet the entry requirements expected by the public school system, which is seldom adapted to address the needs of underprivileged children. Others simply dropped out of school.

Graduating youth are provided with vocational training opportunities. The TEC is also a place of learning and empowerment
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Core Program

The TEC's main educational initiative is a 6 year full-time program for children who are at risk of life-long illiteracy for economic and social reasons. Since 2012, the Tahaddi Education Center has been welcoming displaced Syrian children who could not find places in the "Second Shift" program run by the UN in the afternoons in Lebanese public schools.

Our program follows the national curriculum but is adapted to the needs of the children. Courses including Math, Arabic, English,
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Vocational training opportunities for graduating students

After spending at least 5 years in Tahaddi's full-time program, graduating youth are provided with the opportunity to learn a trade through vocational training. Gaining professional skills is a way to break the cycle of poverty and fulfill Tahaddi's mission of empowerment and integration.

Our career counselor meets individually with each child and they fill out a questionnaire to help them understand their interests and strengths. The social worker organizes visits to vocational training programs.

The students
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Homework Support Program

Many children in the area surrounding Tahaddi's centers do attend public schools. However, they often lack the necessary support at home to succeed academically. The Lebanese curriculum requires bilingualism (Arabic/French or Arabic/English), which makes it particularly difficult for children who cannot be helped at home.

We offer support in the morning for displaced Syrian children who go to school in the afternoon shift and in the afternoon for children who go to Public School in the morning.Over 100 children
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Literacy Program for Older Children

Tahaddi runs a daily afternoon literacy program for older children, including many Syrian youth. They study Arabic and Math as well as Art and Computer. It is an opportunity to be reintegrated into academic programs after years of disruption and a way to regain self confidence and hope for a better future. This program is in line with our mission to work with at-risk youth regardless of their background and nationality.

Adult Literacy Program

Parents and young adults are also eager to learn to read and write. The TEC is open for them through our regular adult Arabic and English literacy program. Additionally TEC offers adult computer classes for young men and women are eager to learn new technologies to join the greater society and increase their chances of finding a good job.


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