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Our mission is one of hope. Our approach is that of solidarity.

"Where would I be if Tahaddi hadn't offered me and my family so much?" Young Salim was visiting the Tahaddi Education Center one day and surprised us with this very touching comment. He had been a student for 5 years and had just completed 9 months of training as a mechanic. Tahaddi means "challenge" in Arabic and it is the challenge of poverty that we take to heart.

This work actually started with just two bags full of medicine
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We run an education program for children too old to be integrated in the public school system or who have dropped out of school for social and economic reasons. This is a full-time program that meets the specific needs of over 120 students per year. Read More

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Health Care

Tahaddi operates a community-based health center which offers free medical care to over 400 patients each month. The health center, which is located in the heart of the shanty town, also provides a welcoming and child-friendly place where women and their families can gather... Read more

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Social Services

Tahaddi social work team provides additional care and support for the most vulnerable families. Services include counseling, home visits, referrals to partner organizations and material assistance. Read More

Special emphasis on the Dom community

At Tahaddi, we place a special emphasis on supporting the Lebanese Dom community. The Dom are an ethnic minority that have lived in Lebanon and surrounding countries for generations. The majority of Dom in Lebanon were nationalized in the early 1990s. Despite this, the Dom face systematic discrimination and marginalization. A study conducted by the NGO Terres des Hommes (The Dom People and their Children in Lebanon) found that over 76% of the Dom families interviewed face extreme ...  Show More

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Sewing A Better Future

Since the end of 2013, Tahaddi has run a sewing program for women in our surrounding community...More


Wissam Saliba, a well-known Lebanese Actor and Director, joined us in taking on the "Tahaddi." He competed on the much...More

Everyone in pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Day in Tahaddi

The women of the community celebrated breast cancer awareness month at the Tahaddi Community Health Center. It...More

It's never too late to learn how to read

Noura, the cleaning lady of the education center is reviewing her letters with one of our older youth at recess...More

Talking trash!

Tahaddi students took part in a program focused on life skills sponsored by SKOUN, a Lebanese NGO working...More


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